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Motor Rebuilding / Reconditioning

Lange Electric specializes in motor rebuilding, motor reconditioning and motor refurbishing. Our skilled motor technicians will use the best equipment to rebuild or recondition your critical motor. Lange Electric even has crane trucks to remove and install large motors in all types of facilities.

Quality Motor Rebuilding/Reconditioning Expertise
Our technicians are the best in the industry and will properly remove your old motor, and rebuild or recondition it for maximum use. If the electric motor in your industrial, commercial HVAC system is in need of rebuilding or reconditioning, trust the professionals at Lange Electric.

We have more than 78 years of motor rebuilding experience, and work with some of the best names in business today.

Complete Motor Capabilities
For more information on our complete line of motor services, including motor rebuilding and motor reconditioning, call us at 410-644-3500.