Our Equipment

Always Expanding to Serve You Better

Lange Electric is home to all of the necessary equipment to properly install, service, repair or replace motors, pumps, fans, and controls used in most facility’s HVAC systems. Our equipment includes:

  • 15 KV DC High Potential Tester
  • 12 KV Surge Comparison Tester
  • 2.5 KV AC High Potential Tester
  • Computer Controlled, Automatic Precision Coil Winder
  • 5 KV Megohmmeter
  • Vibration Analysis Equipment
  • 7,500 LB Dynamic Balancer
  • Temperature Controlled, Water-Quenched Burnout Oven
  • Laser Alignment Equipment for Rotating Machinery
  • Overhead Rolling and Jib Cranes to Five Tons
  • Pressure Test Equipment For Pumps
  • Lathes, Mills, Metal-Working Machinery
  • Dynomometers
  • Computerized Parts Inventory
  • 1,000 Volt Megohmmeter
  • Micro-Ohmmeter
  • 2.5 Ton Crane Truck
  • Sandblasting Equipment
  • Hydraulic and Arbour Presses

How Can We Help You?

Lange Electric, located in Baltimore, Maryland, serve clients in Maryland. We are leaders in providing sales, service, repair and installation of electric motors, pumps, fans and controls used in most commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities. For more information, call us at 410-644-3500.