Products & Equipment

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Lange Electric carries a wide range of units, parts and accessories in our 16,000 square foot facility for:

Lange Electric is also home to the highest quality testing, repair and rewinding equipment in the industry including:

  • 15 KV DC High Potential Tester
  • 12 KV Surge Comparison Tester
  • 2.5 KV AC High Potential Tester
  • Computer Controlled, Automatic Precision Coil Winder
  • 5 KV Megohmmeter
  • Vibration Analysis Equipment
  • 7,500 LB Dynamic Balancer
  • Temperature Controlled, Water-Quenched Burnout Oven
  • Laser Alignment Equipment for Rotating Machinery
  • Overhead Rolling and Jib Cranes to Five Tons
  • Pressure Test Equipment For Pumps
  • Lathes, Mills, Metal-Working Machinery
  • Dynomometers
  • Computerized Parts Inventory
  • 1,000 Volt Megohmmeter
  • Micro-Ohmmeter
  • 2.5 Ton Crane Truck
  • Sandblasting Equipment
  • Hydraulic and Arbour Presses

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